The Workshop

The press room, with a 28"x48" press.

The press room, with a 28"x48" press.

The studio space is the restored old carriage house of Villa Beltrami. It is equipped for all intaglio techniques and black-and-white photography printing.
There is one press room with an entrance to a piazza, one corridor that functions as a gallery, one bathroom (with shower), one large work-area with an entrance from the private courtyard, and a darkroom.

It is around 1000 square feet, well lit, heated and ventilated, and has wi-fi, for anyone interested in listening to music and podcasts, or needing to google how to order a coffee in Italian.


Beside a large variety of tools, the equipment and supplies included are:

  • Mirror finished 18” x 24”copper plates

  • Ferric chloride in different Baumé degrees

  • Rolls of Cape Fear gelatin for photogravure

  • Potassium dichromate for sensitizing the gelatin

  • A variety of quality printing paper (Magnani)

  • Inks, rollers, hard ground, soft ground, whiting…

  • 24”x48” etching press

  • A large rosin box

  • Two hotplates

  • A foot operated metal cutter for cutting copper

  • UV exposing unit

  • Large vacuum frame.

A large collection of books and manuals on printmaking and photography is also at hand.

The studio has also a well-equipped darkroom with supplies to support all B&W techniques as well as cianotype, chemigrams and more. Tools/equipment for book binding is also available.

Among the intaglio techniques offered are: etching, engraving, aquatint, drypoint, mezzotint, white ground, sugar lift… as well as for copperplate photogravure, for photopolymer plates, not to mention monotypes etc.


We are currently working on setting up a letterpress and bookbinding workshop in the old oil mill of the village, a remnant of how olive oil and wine was produced up until the 50’s, with original grinding stones and technology enliven the interior with history. We just installed a hefty 10"x15" Heidelberg Windmill.