Printmaking Arts Residency

in Tuscany


TwoCentsPress - Printmaking Arts in Tuscany is a unique residency that offers printmakers an opportunity to live and work in an extraordinary natural setting: the Metal Hills—the land of green energy—in the Castle of Serrazzano, in the heart of Tuscany. 

It's an ideal site for any printmaker who values peace and wishes to spend some time in a creative professional environment away from the congestion and the pollution of today’s urban settings.

Although our studio is focused on printmaking, we also welcome artists of different disciplines to immerse themselves in this location and focus on their work, be it photography, writing, painting, and more.



TwoCentsPress is a member of  ResArtis .

TwoCentsPress is a member of ResArtis.

Printmakers have unlimited 24/7 access to a workshop FULLY EQUIPPED FOR ALL INTAGLIO PRINTMAKING TECHNIQUES and B&W PHOTOGRAPHY and are lodged—with their guests—in a luminous apartment on the top floor of the historic Villa Beltrami.

If you are an experienced printmaker, you can go to the atelier, get quickly acquainted with the space and start working on your own as soon as you get to Serrazzano.

If you are new to the printmaking world, want to refine your skills, or interested in learning a new technique, TwoCentsPress will provide you with instruction and assistance on the technique of your choice. Check out the classes page to see which ones are offered.


TwoCentsPress visiting artists have also unhindered access to Podere il Casettino, a four hectare property walking distance from the village, peppered with oak trees, chestnut trees, over one hundred olive trees, cherry and fig trees, and a spectacular view that spans South all the way to the sea, some 40 kilometers away, over a pristine rolling landscape.



TwoCentsPress is a project created by Franco Marinai and Anna K. Thorsdottir. Franco is a visual artist, printmaker, and a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists. His work are in the permanent collection of the Anthology Film Archives, The Center for Book Arts, the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and the Library of Congress. Anna is an architect and leads her firm AKT Architects in NYC.
They spend their time between New York City and Serrazzano and are dedicated to making a thriving art sanctuary for people who love art and nature.




“The TwoCentsPress residency at Serrazzano is a magnificently inspiring and relaxing haven. The peace and beauty of the place prompts creativity unlike anywhere else, and the hospitality is unmatched. A true retreat for artists hoping to get work done, and a spectacular vacation for the spirit.”
(5/13/18) writers Rebecca Dinerstein and John Knight

“Working together with Franco is a wonderful experience. He leads you to the process of cyanotype printing and showed us the beauty of nature and oldest way of photography. The beautiful village, tasteful lunch and working in a well-equipped atelier made this day for us perfect. Highly recommended.”
(4/2018) Helen from Nijmegen, Netherlands