Accommodation & the Area



The guests' apartment is located on the top floor of Villa Beltrami, right above the print studio, and can accommodate up to four people. It is 900 square feet and has windows facing North, West and South that give beautiful light at all hours. The apartment features collected artworks from various local and international artists. You will find:

  • A fully equipped kitchen and comfortable living room.

  • Two bedrooms (one with a queen size bed and one with two single beds). One bathroom.

  • Includes Wi-Fi.

  • Laundry available. No smoking.  


The Area

The castle of Serrazzano is a small remote village in the Colline Metallifere (the Metal Hills), in Tuscany. It is one of several hamlets that belong to the municipality of Pomarance, in "the Land of Green Energy", in the province of Pisa.

The area was called "le Colline Metallifere" (Metal Hills) because of the abundance of minerals—no longer extracted—that, among other uses, provided the Medici with the stones that embellished their palaces and villas.

Nowadays, this area is known as the “Land of Green Energy” because of the geothermal resources that are used to produce electrical energy, provide heating to nearby villages, and dot the landscape with a network of steam-pipes, power stations and cooling towers that are all eco-friendly.




In ancient times, the historic center of Serrazzano was a complex of about two dozen buildings that comprised an oil mill, grain storage, wine cellars and water tanks, to survive possible sieges. It also housed a few inhabitants, including the guards—stationed in the Caserma—and the noble family of the Falconcini who owned the land surrounding the village. The historic center was accessed on foot through one of three gates that were closed at sunset.

At the heart of the historic center is the large building that used to be the residence of the Falconcini—now known as Villa Beltrami, and where the studio and apartment are housed. The building—now cut into some apartments—is included in the National Registry of Architectural and Historic Protected Sites because of its architectural, historic and anthropological values. Modern Serrazzano has a population of 350 and has expanded East of the castle.

The geothermal cooling towers and steam is the eco-friendly source of heat in the area.

The geothermal cooling towers and steam is the eco-friendly source of heat in the area.



There are many activities that can occupy your time while at TwoCentsPress in Serrazzano.


Short trips include:

  • Hikes, mushroom picking, exploring the natural warm springs. 

  • Visiting the restored Rocca Sillana, a medieval stronghold.

  • The Geothermal Museum in Larderello.

  • Explore nearby villages: Lustignano, la Sassa, Monterotondo, Libbiano, Micciano, Canneto, Montecerboli, Castagneto Carducci, Bibbona, Monteverdi, Casole d'Elsa…

  • In the summer time you can try one of the ubiquitous “feste paesane” and sample their authentic Tuscan food.

Day trips include:

  • Visit Volterra (less than 1 hour drive) for the Etruscan museum and the “Pinacoteca” which houses the masterwork of Rosso Fiorentino.

  • Visit the seaside and the beach in Cecina.

  • Shop for fresh produce from Maremma at one of the local weekly markets.

  • Enjoy a wine & cheese tasting in the cantina of a nearby vineyard

  • San Gimignano, Siena, or Pisa (1.5 hour drive).

  • Drive to Florence (less than 2 hour drive).

  • Rome is 3.5 hours away by way of Siena.

Pineta, Cecina.

Pineta, Cecina.





A natural stream.

A natural stream.